Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have various import containers that arrived under one B/L and only one is on HOLD by U.S. Customs, why isn’t FORECAST showing the release of the other containers?

A: U.S. Customs places the HOLD on the entire B/L and until the one container U.S. Customs placed on HOLD is released, our system (FORECAST) will not show any container as released.

Q: I paid all charges due to FIT, why does the container still show a Line HOLD?

A: FIT does not release the Line Hold. You must contact the steamship Line to find out why the container is on hold. There may be monies owed to them.

Q: My driver is at FIT trying to pick up an import container but he/she received a “Trouble Ticket”, why?

A: Ask your driver to read the notes indicated at the bottom of the Trouble Ticket.

Some of the most common reasons why a container cannot be picked up are:

  • 81. Charges due. i.e. port demurrage, line demurrage, security fee, inspection charges.

  • 8. Fees/Charges not paid or released. i.e. Container owes money/OBL’s to the Line. Contact the line.

  • Container is not released by Customs.

  • Container is not physically at FIT ,pending return from U.S.

  • Customs exam site, IWS, another trucker picked up container already, or container still on board the vessel.

  • Container not known or not found in our system (driver is at the wrong terminal)

  • 98. Container owned by: XYZ Line, booking was made with a different Steamship Line.

Q: Container is not the same size/type as in the booking.

A: Shipper must contact Steamship Line for them to update information in the booking system.

Q: Booking for container is invalid due to vessel has already departed. See our Vessel schedule

A: Shipper must contact Steamship Line for them to roll the booking to the next vessel.

Q: My driver has been at FIT for an hour trying to pick up a refrigerated container without a gen-set. If there is no Trouble Ticket and the customer already faxed authorization to FIT to release the container, why is it not being delivered to the driver?

A: In order to protect our liability, FIT must receive written authorization from the Steamship Line, NOT from importer or broker.

Q: My driver has been at FIT waiting for a gen-set but he/she has been told that there are none.

A: The gen-sets are owned (or rented) by the Steamship Lines, FIT does not provide such equipment and when required, we must wait for the Steamship Line to authorize the rental of one prior to releasing that container.

Q: Can I pay the Line demurrage to FIT?

A: FIT only collects Line demurrage for certain Steamship Lines. If you see the line demurrage amount in our Forecast system, then you can pay it to FIT, otherwise please arrange payment directly to the Line.




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