Safety Policy

Florida International Terminal LLC. is committed to the prevention of accidental losses involving any of its resources, including but not limited to our employees and physical assets. It is our conviction that the well-being of our employees must be the major consideration in all operations; therefore, each of our operations will be planned to keep safety in mind.

We will strive toward the enhancement of the work environment, and to eliminate any foreseeable hazards, which could possibly result in personal injury or illness, property loss, or damage to the environment.

Florida International Terminal LLC will provide a safe and healthy workplace using industry standards as minimum requirements and complying with all the related regulations and legislation enforced by local, state or federal authorities.

Florida International Terminal LLC believes that is not just the responsibility of management; it is every person’s duty and, therefore, requires all of its employees to conduct work activities in accordance with the procedures outlined in this safety manual and to report all unsafe conditions and acts to management.

Florida International Terminal LLC will do everything that is needed to be done to send each employee home to their family each day whole and healthy and to protect our customers, contractors, visitors, and the public from the results of accidents and losses. It’s our commitment to improve continually our procedures, politics, and activities that are part of our safety program & manual. Therefore, we will have to review annually our safety program and we will listen to our workforce.

Justin P. Weir
President & General Manager


Safety & Security Rules

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