As part of our continuous improvement efforts Florida International Terminal, LLC. (FIT) is excited to roll out and introduce the new “Safety Induction System” by Stowlog. This system will significantly improve the overall safety of the terminal by enabling items such as real time notifications of emergencies, accidents, conditions at the terminal to name a few. We are starting the “roll out” with the Over the Road Trucking Community.

All truck drivers requesting to maintain access to the terminal need to take the following steps:

  1. Download the Stowlog App to your mobile device using the QR code below or access the website via this address:
  2. Enroll in Stowlog
  3. Watch the Safety Induction Video for FIT
  4. Take a short quiz covering the Safety Induction Video

This enrollment and Safety Induction will be a mandatory requirement to enter FIT effective June 3rd, 2024. Please enroll early to avoid any delays or disruptions.

Please email any inquiries for assistance to:

Stowlog - Download the app