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  • Forecast
  • FIT Customer Payment Portal
    • Select this option when paying invoices and or prepaid LCL/OOG invoices.
    • Follow this link to process your invoices payment.
  • Bank ACH or Wire (Only for amounts over $200)
    • Bank Name: BANK OF AMERICA
    • Beneficiary: Florida International Terminal, LLC
    • Account Number: 898102770615
    • ACH:  063100277
    • WIRE TRANSFERS ONLY:  026009593

Thank you…We appreciate your business.

To receive a quote for the handling of OOG cargo, please send a message to Please include in your message a description of the cargo, the dimensions of the cargo, and the weight of the cargo.


Please access the FIT Forecast Site at 

Our Forecast site allows you to lookup your container to see the latest information regarding availability, fees due, and much more.

We strive to provide the fastest truck gate possible. The average dual transaction turn time, once checked in at FIT, in 2023 was 52 mins. The current truck turn time is posted on the FIT website. We will continue to make improvements to make sure you can get your cargo promptly.

We appreciate the payments made to FIT, but you will have to reach out directly to the line to have the line hold removed.

If the line is telling you they released it, but it still does not show correctly in the system, please reach out to “” for further assistance.

There are multiple reasons why a driver might receive a trouble ticket. Some examples you can check with your broker:

  • The booking is not on file.
  • The vessel for that export has already sailed.
  • It is before the ERD (earliest receiving date) for that vessel.
  • Payments are due.
  • There is a line hold.
  • There is a customs hold.

For questions regarding trouble tickets please contact

Additionally, you can always check the FIT Forecast system to view container status.

Please contact the line to have them update the booking.

Please look up the ERDs on the home page of Forecast. ERDs are updated every Tuesday.

Please look up the import container in the FIT Forecast The last free day will show for each container.

For an up-to-date vessel schedule please visit FIT Forecast. You will find the vessel schedule page on the right side.

You can also check the Port Everglades official vessel schedule page.  (Port of Everglades - Public View (

FIT is normally open 7 days a week but please refer to the Forecast home screen for the latest weekly schedule.

Please contact the line to have the booking rolled to the next vessel.

Please contact the line and ask them to release the container without a GENSET. FIT cannot release it without authorization from the steam ship line.

Please contact the line and ask them to release the container without a GENSET. FIT cannot release it without authorization from the steam ship line.

You need to contact the line directly for line fees and line holds.

We are receiving all equipment unless you have been notified by the line directly or if there is an exception listed on the Forecast Homepage.

Please contact to check on empty container availability.

There are multiple hold types. Please identify your hold by contacting your broker or customs directly (Port Everglades/Fort Lauderdale, Florida - 5203 | U.S. Customs and Border Protection (

    • For a VACIS and USDA Holds
      • Please contact to ensure it is on the inspection list.
    • For all Intensive Exams
    • For Fumigations
      • Condition of entry cargo
        • You may organize your fumigation at any fumigation warehouse in South Florida. A bonded truck driver must be utilized to move this cargo to the fumigation warehouse outside of Port Everglades.
        • If it is being done utilizing IWS, FIT will organize the move.
        • Please contact your fumigation warehouse of choosing to arrange the fumigation.
      • Bug Fumigation

Please contact to set up your account, reset your password, or change employee permissions.


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