Florida International Terminal, LLC (FIT) is a world class port operator that was founded in 2004 as a result of the association of two large Latin American Port Operators, SAAM and AGUNSA. With over fifteen years at Port Everglades, our main objective is to provide the highest quality service of all South Florida ports, incorporating new technologies, modern equipment and personalized customer service. FIT operates a Marine Terminal of 46 acres in the Southport area of Port Everglades.

At FIT we realize that our success is entirely dependent upon the success of our customers. Our expertise, along with our dedicated and customer satisfaction oriented staff, ensure professional attention to the smallest details, unparalleled in the industry.

Meet our Leadership Team

SAAM: https://www.saam.com/

Agunsa: https://agunsa.com/eng/


“Provide port services to shipping companies, importers and exporters, by making use of our experience and proven operational excellence, with the purpose of creating value for our customers and staff, achieving sustainable profitability for our shareholders”


“Be one of the top port operators in America, recognized extensive experience, quality of our services and respect for the community and the environment”

[COMING SOON] FIT to implement eModal Fee Management & Appointment Booking System

To optimize the flow of intermodal freight and reduce wait times, Florida International Terminal (FIT) will soon be implementing the eModal appointment, pre-advice, and fee management system. At FIT our mission is to provide the highest quality port service in South Florida. We realize that our success is entirely dependent upon the success of our customers. To prepare for the upcoming launch of eModal, please review the below material and take the necessary actions to have your account ready and become familiar with the system.

Action Required: · Create a Login & Register Now at eModal

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at fitpco@fitpev.com.