Florida International Terminal LLC , (FIT ), a Signal Member since 2002; located in Port Everglades, Florida, underwent a very thorough safety and health management evaluation using the SEE Evaluation administered by Signal. This evaluation took place during the week of August 24, 2015, when Sam Lai, from Signal’s Long Beach office conducted the appraisal.

During the week, hundreds of questions were asked about the safety and health management systems at FIT. Thereafter, all of the questions were verified in three ways – through employee interviews, with physical evaluations, and using documentation. For a container terminal or any other Signal Member company to achieve a bronze level on the first SEE evaluation is very commendable.

The SEE evaluation is a very in-depth look at everything related to the safety and health at a facility. Signal would be honored to provide any Member the same service, conducted by one of Signal’s safety managers.

Signal Safety Services already has many other evaluations lined up during the remainder of 2016. In the accompanying photograph from left to right: Klaus Stadthagen, VP & GM; Ian Greenway, President LIG; Andrew Bosch, ILA Chief Clerk; Esteban Lopez, FIT Operations; George Aguilar, FIT Facility Security Officer; David Alderman, FIT Terminal & Vessel Operations Manager; Rolando Inguanzo, ILA Chief Mechanic; and John Shapiro, FIT Director of Operations. These are some of the employees instrumental in achieving the bronze level. Congratulations to FIT! 


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