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Marine Safety Information Bulletin (MSIB) 15-009, Tropical Storm ERIKA

Weather Advisory

Port Condition X-RAY - 48 HOUR ALERT
Time: 1330 / Date: Friday, August 28, 2015

In accordance with the National Hurricane Center Tropical Storm ERIKA Public Advisory Number 15A (PAN 15A) issued at 1100 EDT on Friday, August 28, 2015, Tropical Storm ERIKA is approximately 60 miles SW of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. PAN 15A notes that Tropical Storm ERIKA is currently moving Wat approximately 18 mph and continue on this track for the next 24 hours. Due to the possibility of gale force winds (39-54 mph / 34-37 kts) entering South Florida within 48 hours, the Captain of the Port (COTP) is ordering Port Condition X-Ray as follows:

1330, Friday August 28, 2015 - Port of Miami, Miami River, Port Everglades, Port of Palm Beach, Port of Ft. Pierce, and all remaining terminals and facilities within Sector Miami's area of responsibility.

Prohibited Operations: None at this time. Authorized Operations: All.

Current Actions:

      Vessels and terminal operators should prepare to terminate all ship-to-shore cargo transactions before the setting of Port Condition Yankee. Container stacking heights should be reduced to four or less and two or less if they contain hazardous material. AlternatiVe container stowage arrangements may be pre-approved by the COTP if they provide an equivalent measure of safety. The COTP will begin contacting all ports regarding the timing of operational phase downs and termination plans. Waterfront cargo facilities should schedule labor accordingly.

      COTP personnel will conduct follow-up surveys to ensure that any hazards identified earlier are being resolved.

      Vessels that are unable to depart the port must contact the COTP to request and receive permission to remain in port. Proof of facility owner/operator approval will be required.

      Vessels given permission to remain in port should take all necessary precautions to secure the vessel for forecasted winds and tidal surges.

      All petroleum barges should be reduced to a minimum level of cargo and adequately secured.

      Ship/tug services should maintain at least one tug each on standby for call-out.

      Dredges should move clear of the ICW and seek sheltered moorings.

MSIB 15-009

         Individual companies should review and prepare to implement their post hurricane pollution contingency plan including planning for reconstitution of security plans.

         Anticipate that the COTP will not allow inbound traffic once Condition Yankee (24 hour warning) is set. Vessels with an arrival of less than 24 hours before hurricane landfall should arrange to seek shelter elsewhere.

         Anticipate storm movement may accelerate and periods between condition stages may be shortened. Plan cargo/vessel operations accordingly.

         Anticipate that upon the declaration of a state of emergency all bridges in the local area will be closed to facilitate a smooth and orderly evacuation of low-lying coastal areas and barrier islands Drawbridges may be locked down as early as eight hours prior to the anticipated arrival of sustained gale force winds or when an evacuation is in progress.

         Oceangoing vessels should prepare to depart prior to setting Condition Yankee.

         Inbound vessels which will be unable to depart the port upon the setting of Port Condition Yankee are advised to seek an alternate destination.

Anticipated Future Actions: All ports in the Miami COTP Zone should be watching this storm closely and be prepared for the onset of Port Condition YANKEE, anticipated at 1330, Saturday, August 29, 2015. Should higher port conditions be required based upon the progress of Tropical Storm ERIKA, the following additional future requirements may be implemented.

         Commence/continue removing/securing missile hazards and hazardous cargoes at open wharves.

         Anticipate that the COTP will order cessation of cargo handling operations on board waterfront cargo facilities during Condition Zulu (12 Hour Warning). COTP will order the suspension of all ship-to-shore cargo transactions. Hire and schedule labor accordingly.

         All oceangoing commercial vessels greater than 500 GT will be required to depart the port immediately. COTP Orders will be issued to vessels masters, if necessary, requiring them to depart.

         Anticipate that the COTP may close the Port to incoming traffic at this time and to all but emergency vessel movements when Condition Zulu is set. Broadcast Notice to Mariners will be used to announce impending port closures and special conditions deemed necessary by the COTP.

         Ship personnel inspect the mooring of vessels that have been granted permission to remain in port.

         COTP survey teams will conduct final facility and vessel surveys to address any remaining unresolved discrepancies.

         Certain waterfront facilities may insist vessels depart their docks during this period. No moves will be permitted by the COTP unless the move can be done safely and mooring space has been identified at other piers, wharves or local shipyards, or if the vessel is departing to sea.

         Ports will be closed to inbound vessel traffic and cargo operations not associated with storm preparations. "Cargo operations associated with storm preparations" include moving cargo within

MSIB 15-009 the port for securing purposes, crane and other port/facility equipment preparations, and similar activities, but does not include moving cargo onto the port or loading/discharging operations unless specifically authorized by the COTP.

         Drawbridges in the area may not be operating as early as eight hours prior to the anticipated arrival of sustained gale force winds or when an evacuation is in progress. Anticipated all bridge closings in ALL counties (Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie, and Indian River) at approximately 2000 on Saturday, August 29, 2015.

   . Bridge lock-down may begin anytime after 2000 on Saturday, August 29, 2015.

         During lock-down, the bridge is closed, power is turned off, traffic arms may be removed, the control house is secured and the bridge operator is sent to safety.

Questions regarding this MSIB or required actions should be directed to the Maritime Transportation System Recovery Unit.

Marine Safety Information Bulletin post updates are on Homeport under Port Conditions at httpl/homeport.useg.mil/mianti under "Port Conditions".

The COTP may be reached at telephone (305) 535-4472, or via Channel 16 VHF FM Marine Radio through Coast Guard Sector Miami.

Captain, U.S. Coast Guard
Captain of the Port, Miami


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